CAP and uAvionix Partner to Support NRAT’s Mission

In support of the National Radar Analysis Team (NRAT) mission to shorten the crash to rescue time in Search & Rescue, uAvionix Corporation and the Civil Air Patrol are partnering to deploy a DO-260B compliant dual band ADS-B receiver network that compliments FAA sensor data with low altitude aircraft positions.  The dual mode (1090Mhz and 978Mhz) FlightStations, receive transponder data from aircraft and transmit the data to the NRAT server at Maxwell Air Force Base where it is combined with FAA sensor data.

The roll-out consists of deploying multiple ATC grade FlightStation ADS-B receivers with overlapping coverage and your Squadron can support the effort.  The initial roll-out has already begun in Virgiania and the National Radar Analysis Team is calling on all Civil Air Patrol Squadrons throughout the US to volunteer to host and install additional receivers where coverage is needed most.

FlightStation installation is simple. All needed equipment is provided in the installation kit.  Once connected, the FlightStation will automatically connect to the uAvionix FlightLine network and be configured for operation.

Request a FlightStation ADS-B receiver and support the growing nationwide group of CAP squadrons improving situational awareness of everything and everyone that flies.  All you need is an Internet port and 110V AC power. Availability is limited. If your location qualifies, you will receive a uAvionix provided FlightStation receiver and access to the FlightLine online visualizer. Click below to complete the form submit your request.

uAvionix FlightStation hardware is loaned equipment, resulting in no hardware cost to you. Plus, we maintain, update, and will even send replacement hardware if installed equipment incurs damage.