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SkyEcho Wi-Fi Firmware V0.2.33 Update (Latest Release)

IN THIS RELEASE – Improves SkyEcho's Wi-Fi performance, and ensures CE/RED compliance – Improves battery life measurement – Changes the Configuration page to enable the setting of SDA value as permitted in the country of use.  In UK and Australia, the setting is defaulted to one (1) – Bug fix for incorrect GNSS altitude when viewing on [...]


What crimper should the installer use for the AV-30 install

We ship 20 NorComp contacts P/N:  170-002-170L002 These contacts/terminals are standard density D-SUB contacts.  Any compliant terminal may be used by the installer.  If the installer is already tooled for constructing D-SUB connectors, their existing tooling and terminals should snap right in.  The 15-pin connector we use is very common. If the installer does not [...]


I have the GRT SafeFly2020 and echoUAT combo with a GRT EFIS and my PAPR has lots of errors

If you get SIL, SDA and NIC errors on your PAPR it is likely that the GRT is not set up properly. Make sure these values are entered in the GRT under General settings/TT22/echoUAT:   GRT EFIS TT22/EchoUAT Settings: DU-SF Communication (Status) Verify “Yes” SF-echoUAT Communication Verify “OK” Remote Status Verify “OK” External GPS Communication [...]


Connecting tailBeaconX to an MGL EFIS system

To communicate with MGL EFIS systems, the baud rate will have to be changed on the tailBeaconX to accommodate the 9600 baud rate that MGL systems use for the STX-165 transponder protocol. By default MGL sets the baud rate for this protocol at 9600, while tailBeaconX defaults at a baud rate of 2400. **To [...]


I am not seeing my flights on FlightAware or Flightradar24 or there are only partial sections of the flight displayed

Flightradar24 and FlightAware are predominately 1090mhz reporting sites. They get their flight data from their own network of 1090 receivers, not from the FAA. The skyBeacon, tailBeacon, and the echoUAT are all on the 978mhz (UAT) frequency. They are working on getting more stations with 978mhz reporting but it will be pretty hit and miss [...]


Sentry CO alarm testing

If your Sentry is exhibiting CO alarms when you think they are not warranted you can test it in an office, home, or car to see if it still behaves similarly. If it is going into an alarm or caution status, please contact uAvionix. If not, please have your aircraft checked for exhaust leaks.


Update echoUAT Wi-Fi software

 Download the latest Wi-Fi software for EchoUAT EchoUAT Wi-Fi Software Connect your PC to the Echo Wi-Fi by connecting to the Ping-XXX network and if required enter the passphrase uavionix (all lowercase). Open a web browser and access the EchoUAT at If the page does not load confirm you are connected to the EchoUAT Wi-Fi. Click Choose [...]