uAvionix Announces SkyEcho 2 Portable ADS-B OUT solution for Electronic Conspicuity

Bigfork, MT, April 12, 2018

uAvionix Corporation – a leading provider of communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) solutions for manned and unmanned aircraft – announced today it is releasing a newer, less expensive, and extensible version of its popular CAP1391 SkyEcho Electronic Conspicuity (EC) ADS-B IN and OUT solution for United Kingdom(UK) VFR aircraft.

SkyEcho 2 provides the existing capabilities of existing SkyEcho plus additional functionality at a lower price point of £349 + VAT.  However, SkyEcho 2 also includes additional optional functionality available as either a software unlock, or with the addition of extensible hardware that interfaces to SkyEcho 2 either via Bluetooth connection or through the USB-C data port.

SkyEcho 2 base capabilities include:

  • 1090MHz ADS-B OUT per UK CAP1391
  • 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B IN for traffic and weather display on Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps
  • Dual internal antennas tuned to maximize ADS-B performance
  • Internal uAvionix TSO certified FYX GPS capable of SIL=1 upon update of CAP1391, ensuring visibility by ground and airborne receivers
  • Internal barometric altimeter for reporting pressure altitude
  • DroneAware™ receiver for detection and tracking of drones equipped with uAvionix DroneAware™ technology
  • Mode C/S transponder proximity detection for detection of aircraft not equipped with ADS-B OUT

Additional optional functionality available for purchase:

  • External receivers for additional traffic types like FLARM™
  • LCD traffic warning display
  • Flight Data Recorder

SkyEcho 2 will be previewed at Aero Friedrichshafen at the uAvionix booth #A3-505 from April 18-21.  uAvionix will begin taking pre-orders in May 2018 with deliveries beginning in June 2018.  The additional external hardware expansion capabilities will begin to become available during the fall of 2018.

Christian Ramsey, President uAvionix said “We love the progressive stance that the UK CAA have taken regarding portable ADS-B systems for Electronic Conspicuity, and we want to see it have every chance of being successful.  With SkyEcho 2, we’ve designed a future-proof system that is both affordable and expandable to protect pilots’ investments in flying more safely.”

uAvionix is currently conducting UAT ADS-B weather broadcast trials in the UK.  To learn more, please see our blog articles on the topic.

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