• AV-Link is the Wi-Fi module companion to the AV-30 panel display. AV-30 packs a generous feature-set in a surprisingly small form-factor, but with our background, we never settle for anything less than nearly impossible. AV-Link expands AV-30's feature-bursting heritage and adds Wi-Fi connectivity to support live traffic from a supported ADS-B receiver, wireless firmware updates, and more with future features already in development. Features:
    • Display Live ADS-B Traffic on AV-30-E with a supported ADS-B Receiver, such as ForeFlight Sentry and Sentry Mini, echoUAT, SkyEcho, skySensor, or any standard GDL90 Wi-Fi protocol portable ADS-B receiver with GPS
    • Wirelessly update AV-30-E firmware from a computer via Wi-Fi
    • New exciting features coming soon that further connect your panel and avionics
    * AV-Link requires an AV-30-E. Learn more about AV-30 and AV-Link *View the AV-Link Quick Start Guide 
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  • echoMUX

    The optional echoUATmux harness allows echoUAT to support a GTX327/GTX330 with a separate serial altitude encoder. Icarus, Garmin/Trimble, Northstar, Magellan formats are currently supported. The harness allows plug and play connectivity to aircraft previously wired for the Navworx ADS600EXP with the Garmin 327 and 330 transponders. The echoMUX can still be used if you did not previously have a Navworx system. If you have the Garmin GTX327 or GTX330 transponder PLUS a serial altitude encoder you can use this harness. The echoMUX has a male DB9 connector on it so you will need to supply a female DB9 for the wired connections to the transponder and the altitude encoder.
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  • RAM® suction cup mount with quick release for use with SkyEcho 2.
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