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ping200X TSO – Service Bulletin 3.4.0

In This Release: Legacy XP Transponder protocol support Products Affected:  ping200X – All TSO models Service Bulletin: TSO Service Bulletin ping200X Upgrade to 3.4.0 (PDF) 3.4.0 Software: ping200X UAV-1002723-001 Mod 0 POP Software Update to 3.4.0


ping200X TSO – Service Bulletin 3.3.1

In This Release: In cases where no callsign is provided at power up, ping200X utilizes the aircraft registration as the callsign. Implemented additional Apollo control message validity checks. Default emitter type set to “No Information”. If pressure altitude data isn’t received after 2 seconds, it is reported as “unavailable”. Support of additional Mode S GICB registers. DF17 extended [...]