AV-30-E Software v2.6.0 implements the following changes:
  • Added support for AV-HSI to provide GPS LPV, ILS, and VOR navigation.
  • Added GPSS and Advanced Autopilot Unlock for Serial, Analog, and ARINC 429 Autopilots
  • Added GPS Course output to AV-APA to support STEC 55, 55X and 60 autopilots
  • Added support for large capacity battery
  • Added Autopilot Mode overlay
  • Added Nav Mode overlay
  • Added OBS overlay
  • Added OAT trim to DG installation menu
  • Updates to on-ground gyro calibration algorithm
  • Miscellaneous visual enhancements
Products Affected:
AV-30-E (UAV-1004035-001 and UAV-1004035-002)  running firmware 2.4.1 and earlier