Bolt on certified ADS-B Out with integrated
GPS and LED Nav/Strobe

skyBeacon is a revolutionary new way to equip ADS-B for certified aircraft.
Simply replace the existing navigation light with skyBeacon for 2020 ADS-B compliance.

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Replacement rear position light with ADS-B Out,
integrated GPS, and LED Position Lighting

tailBeacon offers bolt-on ADS-B capability to even more aircraft.
ADS-B compliance is 2 screws and 2 wires away. TSO Package Filed!

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Beat the FAA 2020 Deadline!

skyBeacon and tailBeacon are ‘Zero Install’ ADS-B Out


  • Assured and Redundant Command and Control (C2) Systems

  • Protected Spectrum and ISM Frequency Options

  • Diverse Radio Architecture for Make Before Break (MBB) Handoff

  • Infrastructure ready 2×2 MIMO radio architecture

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  • Certified GNSS Position Sources for Critical Mission Operations

  • Support BVLOS Waivers and OEM Type Certifications

  • Worldwide compliance as an ADS-B Certified Position Source

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  • Certified Mode S ADS-B Transponders for Worldwide Compliance

  • Support BVLOS Waivers and OEM Type Certifications

  • Be visible to TCAS and ATC

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