‘Zero Install’ ADS-B Out

Bolt on certified ADS-B Out with integrated
GPS and LED Nav/Strobe

skyBeacon is a revolutionary new way to equip ADS-B for your certified aircraft. Simply replace your existing navigation light with skyBeacon for 2020 ADS-B compliance.

skyBeacon qualifies for the $500 FAA ADS-B Rebate

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‘Zero Install’ ADS-B Out

Replacement rear position light with ADS-B Out, integrated GPS, and LED Position Lighting

tailBeacon offers bolt-on ADS-B capability to even more aircraft.  ADS-B compliance is 2 screws and 2 wires away.

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It’s What’s Next In ADS-B Portables

At only $499, Sentry is a compact, powerful, and affordable next-generation ADS-B receiver.

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Airspace Integration for sUAS

Designed for unmanned aircraft, uAvionix has dramatically reduced the size and cost of critical safety components required to fly safely and legally in the National Airspace System.

ping ADS-B transceivers and transponders are shown to scale with a DJI Matrice 100

Solutions ranging from 5 to 76 grams allow any sUAS to cooperate with manned aircraft and air traffic control.


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