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Low SWaP IFF Solutions

uAvionix ZPX systems enable secure platform identification with Mode 1,2,3/A,C,S and 5 interoperability for UAS. ZPX transponders and receivers deliver equivalent performance to those deployed on traditional aircraft, but at a Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) suitable for carriage by tactical UAS as small as Group 1or Group 2. All ZPX systems are crypto-appliqué compatible and installable on UAS as small as 6 kg. ZPX transponders are also compliant with civil airspace requirements as Mode S/1090ES ADS-B transponders, simplifying aircraft configurations.


IFF Mode 5 Brochure

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Tactical UAS Solutions

Designed to meet the unique needs of tactical UAS, the ZPX-B Nano IFF enables aircraft as small as 6kg compliant Mode 1,2,3/A,C,S and 5 capability with a full 54dBm/250W transmit power in a minuscule 53-gram package.

RT-2087/ZPX-B IFF Transponder

Mode 1,2,3/A,C,S and 5 IFF Transponder with ADS-B


TSO-C145e Position Source

Mini IFF Mode 5 Solutions

ZPX Mini IFF systems deliver uncompromising performance in a convenient, rugged, miniaturized LRU form factor. ZPX transponders are engineered to the highest standards and tested to meet stringent environmental and performance certifications. Pending AIMs Mk XIIB, ZPX transponders, receivers, and position sources transform the national defense landscape. Robust and adaptable, ZPX Mini enables secure identification and positive control of every asset in any airspace.

RT-2087/ZPX-C  IFF Transponder

Mode 1,2,3/A,C,S and 5 Diversity IFF Transponder with ADS-B

ZPX-R Receiver

Mode 5 Squitter and ADS-B Receiver


SIL 3 GNSS Position Source


Interrogator Crypto Emulator

ZPX Transponders contain internal Crypto Emulators to provide Mode 5, Level 1 and 2, testing for emulator-equipped interrogators.

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IFF Mode 5 Brochure

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