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ADS-B Transponders

The next era of global ADS-B. Mode S Transponders compatible with surface and space-based ADS-B surveillance systems.


Mode S Transponder | ADS-B OUT | WAAS GPS | LED Nav Light

ADS-B Transceivers

Command and Control (C2) solutions for point-to-point or networked UAS operations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations.


ADS-B OUT | WAAS GPS | Encoder | LED Nav Light

TSO Certified


ADS-B OUT | WAAS GPS | Encoder | LED Nav Light

TSO Certified


2020 Compliant ADS-B OUT | Traffic | Weather

US Only


Portable ADS-B IN/OUT Solution

UK/AU Only

ADS-B Receivers

Compact, powerful devices that deliver real-time weather, traffic, and more to your EFB.

The ADS-B Essentials

It’s What’s Next in ADS-B Portables

pingStation 3

All-Weather Network Ready ADS-B Receiver

Panel Displays

Upgrade your legacy instruments to digital precision multi-function customizable displays.


Retro-Fit Your Cockpit with a Certified 14-in-one 3″ Display


Complement Your Panel with a Certified 12-in-one 2″ Display


Add ADS-B Traffic and Wireless Updates to AV-30-E