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Affordable Compact

echoUAT is a remotely mounted ADS-B transceiver that provides 2020 compliance ADS-B OUT, and ADS-B IN traffic and weather to your EFIS or iPad for the same cost as ADS-B receive-only solutions.




Bring New Life to Your Existing Panel

echoUAT works with your existing avionics, allowing you to put your savings in the fuel tank instead of additional costly avionics.

Works with Your Existing Mode C or S Transponder

Already have a KT76A, Narco, or Garmin Mode C? With the echoUAT integrated power transcoder, there is no need to replace your existing transponder. The power transcoder decodes squawk and pressure altitude by sensing pulses in the aircraft electrical system. Mode S transponders require a wired rs-232 serial connection to echoUAT for the pressure altitude and squawk code.

What about Apollo, Becker, f.u.n.k.e., Microair or Terra? Yes, those work too.  Mode S models need a serial-out connection.

For GTX327, the echoMUX adapter is recommended.  The GTX330 requires the echoMUX adapter.

Live ADS-B Traffic and Weather On Your EFB

echoUAT receives dual-band ADS-B traffic and subscription-free in-flight weather information on both 978MHz and 1090MHz, and delivers real-time aircraft positions and weather overlays to your favorite EFB supporting the GDL 90 protocol, including ForeFlight Mobile, FltPlan Go, iFlyGPS, FlyQ, Wing X, and others.


Live Traffic on AV-30

Plug-in AV-Link to your AV-30 serial port, connect the AV-Link to your echoUAT via Wi-Fi, and that’s it.

Experimental Aircraft

Certified Aircraft

Multiple GPS Options

echoUAT can be purchased with the uAvionix skyFYX WAAS GPS available as an external mounted GPS and antenna or an internal GPS module with a remote mount antenna for more flexible installations. (options available at checkout) 

echoUAT also works with many rule-compliant WAAS GPS receivers such as the GTN 400/500 WAAS series, GTX 600/700 series, Avidyne, and GRT 2020 Safe Fly.

Specification Value
Input Power 11-33V DC
Size 55x65x19mm
Weight 60 grams
Operating Temp -45 to 80°C
978MHz UAT Transceiver
Transmit Power 20 Watts Nominal
Receiver Sensitivity -91dBm
1090MHz Receiver
Sensitivity -79dBm to 0dBm
COM1 Interface
Devices Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS, Garmin
Function Setup, Control, GPS Position
Physical RS232 or RS485
COM2 Interface
Protocols NMEA, ADS-B+
Function GPS Position, Traffic, FIS-B
Physical RS232
Protocols GDL 90
Function Setup, Traffic, FIS-B
Physical 802.11b/g/n
Power Transcoder Decodes Mode A and Mode C via DC input
Additional documentation can be found here.

skyBeacon app or password issues?2020-04-20T15:13:26-05:00
If you cannot get the phone or tablet to connect to the wifi OR it says “Incorrect password” OR it is stuck on the opening page,
Please try these steps:
  1. Turn off the power to the Beacon
  2. Close ALL apps on your device (On Apple devices that involves swiping the app away and Androids require a Force close)
  3. Turn on Airplane mode (This will turn off Wifi on most devices so you will need to turn it back on. The main reason for doing this is to stop cellular data from being transmitted and interfering with the lower power Wifi signal. If you have a newer Samsung phone, we have seen instances where the Bluetooth also needs to be turned off. )
  4. Power on the Beacon product (You now have 5 minutes to connect to the Beacon before the wifi shuts off. Once connected it will stay active until you get airborne)
  5. Open the wifi page of the smart device (Located under Settings for Apple devices and Connections for Android users)
  6. When you see the Beacon-XXXX wifi SSID pop up, tap it and enter the passphrase EXACTLY as printed on the supplied card or sticker.
  7. Wait until it shows connected (You will get a note about No internet connection. This is normal)
  8. Now open the skyBeacon app, it will open to the Monitor page. Enter your aircraft information
  9. If this is still not working, you may need to have the aircraft outside
Why doesn’t the Monitor screen in the mobile app reflect the changes I’ve made?2019-07-09T07:17:41-05:00

In some cases with certain devices, the mobile data feature must be disabled to configure the echoUAT or when making changes.  This is called “Airplane Mode”.
The option to disable Mobile Data is found under “Settings/WiFi” on most devices.  Refer to your mobile device documentation for more information.

Do I have to mount a bunch of antennas on my plane exterior?2018-10-16T18:30:09-05:00

No, unlike some competitors, the echoUAT uses a single monopole antenna for Transmit and Receive.  You will need to mount the UAT In/Out antenna and a GPS antenna if you do not already have a compliant GPS source.


Will I be able to see weather and traffic on my preferred EFB?2018-04-02T16:38:11-05:00

Yes, the echo transmits weather and traffic on the commonly used GDL90 data format to ensure support for most iOS and Android Apps via WiFi.

  • Foreflight
  • WingX
  • FltPlan Go
  • iFly GPS
  • Avare
  • Naviator
  • AvPlan
  • Aerovie
  • EasyVFR
  • Skydemon
  • FlyQ
Do I need to upgrade or replace my existing Transponder to use the echoUAT?2018-04-02T16:41:08-05:00

A. No, the echo has a built-in Power Transcoder that works with most legacy Mode C transponders. That means no extra workload for you in the cockpit.  echoUAT also supports direct wire options for Apollo, Garmin, Sandia and Trig models that support RS232 communication.

Does echoUAT meet the 2020 mandate?2017-03-23T21:34:09-05:00

Yes, echo does meet the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft when paired with a suitable GPS position source such as SkyFYX or a 2020 compliant GPS provided by your EFIS manufacturer.

Will the echo work with my Dynon Skyview?2017-05-01T14:46:18-05:00

Yes, the echoUAT can be configured directly through the Dynon Skyview display to provide:

  • Configuration of Echo through the EFIS
  • GPS data
  • Pressure Altitude Information
  • Current Transponder Squawk
Does my GRT EFIS support echoUAT?2017-03-09T21:37:05-06:00

Yes, the echo is designed to work with the GRT EFIS allowing the EFIS to provide:

  • Configuration of Echo through the EFIS
  • GPS data
  • Pressure Altitude Information
  • Current Transponder Squawk
  • ADS-B traffic display
Will the echoUAT work with my MGL EFIS?2017-03-09T21:36:47-06:00

Yes, the echo is designed to work with the MGL EFIS and has the following features:

  • Configuration of Echo through the EFIS
  • GPS data
  • Pressure Altitude Information
  • Current Transponder Squawk
  • ADS-B traffic display

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