The SkyLink™ and muLTElink™ series of CNPC airborne radios work seamlessly with SkyLine™ to provide multi-frequency connectivity for your BVLOS mission

SkyLine ARS

What is CNPC? 
C2 Elevated.

Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) link systems are unique to UAS and adhere to aviation industry standard specifications defined by RTCA DO-362A and FAA TSO-C213a.

CNPC focuses on critical safety-of-life information transfer for reliable, deterministic, low-latency, and certifiable radio and BVLOS operations.

Components of CNPC include the Airborne Radio Systems (ARS) and Ground Radio Systems (GRS), working in lock-step to secure your mission.

Start Here: muLTElink™
The core of your assured CNPC Solution

Each muLTElink is in itself a dual-frequency, dual link radio providing both frequency and path diversity and connectivity to your SkyLine solution

  • Integrated 902-928MHz frequency hopping dual-MIMO ISM radios

  • Integrated global LTE diversity radios


  • Integrated 5030-5091MHz aviation protected radios

  • Integrated global LTE diversity radios


Level Up: SkyLink™

Add additional radios to muLTElink* for greater range or 3-frequency assurance

Three diverse links, triple redundancy, assured connectivity


The 915-series of SkyLink CNPC radios represent the leading generation of continual improvement in size, weight, power, efficiency, cost, and capability.


The 5060-series of SkyLink radios offer the most secure aviation-protected spectrum for your safety-critical UAS operation.

SkyLink-915 Micro

  • Unlicensed 902-928 MHz (ISM-Band)

  • Designed for long-range mission-critical UAS operations

  • Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO)

  • FCC and IC Approved


  • Unlicensed 902-928 MHz (ISM-Band)

  • Designed for long-range mission-critical UAS operations

  • Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO)

  • FCC and IC Approved

SkyLink-5060 Micro

  • Aviation-Protected 5030-5091 MHz (C-Band)

  • RTCA DO-362A compliant

  • Meets the performance requirements of TSO-C213a

  • Low power 100 mW

  • Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) radio system


  • Aviation-Protected 5030-5091 MHz (C-Band)

  • Meets RTCA DO-362A & TSO-C213A

  • 10 W

  • Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) diversity radio system

*SkyLink ARS work with or without muLTElink

The following required statement from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) applies to United States based entities with the exception of direct sales to the U.S. Government and units directly exported by uAvionix:

SkyLink-5060 Micro and SkyLink-5060 have not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

Roam with SkyLine

Connect multiple SkyLink and muLTElink CNPC radios to SkyLine, the only cloud-based command and control network manager that enables seamless make-before-break roaming across multiple RF frequencies and ground stations.


Build your terrestrial CNPC network with the skyStation Ground Radio Series. skyStation is available in 902-928 MHz (ISM) or aviation-protected 5030-5091 MHz (C-Band) configurations. Deploy multiple skyStations to support network and frequency roaming on the SkyLine C2 network.

Protected by a weatherproof IP67 enclosure and utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) or LTE technology for permanent or portable installations.

Seamless Autopilot Integration

Both SkyLink and muLTElink airborne radio systems (ARS) integrate seamlessly with the most popular autopilot solutions on the market. For the easiest and quickest deployment, choose the uAvionix George Autopilot for a plug-and-play solution with superior robustness and integrity.

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