Welcome to the uAvionix Qualified Installer Program

What started as a grass roots movement to equip as many aircraft as possible with ADS-B ahead of the FAA mandate has turned into a growing community of uAvonix installers across the globe.  We thank you for your support of the uAvionix brand and look forward to delivering more innovative and affordable avionics that help you fly safely and efficiently.

The uAvionix Qi Program is designed to meet the needs of our installer community while raising the bar on installations and customer experience across the aviation community.  Apply now to start enjoying the benefits of the Qi Program.

What You Get

Program Levels and Requirements

Basic Installer

  • 10% Discount on tailBeacon, skyBeacon and skySensor
  • No discounts on Panel Displays, Transponders or Accessories
  • Minimum of 3 uAvionix Installs per year

Preferred Installer

  • 14% Product Discount on All GA Products
  • Listed on the uAvionix website Qi locator map
  • Minimum of 8 uAvionix installs annually
  • Must complete all required training

Master Installer

  • Coming in 2025 – Highest available Qi Discount
  • Exclusive Master Installer Merchandise
  • Targeted and Co-op marketing support
  • 20 (or more) uAvionix installs annually
  • Customer review rating of 4-stars or better

A few notes about the Qi Program.  The Basic Installer level is closed to new applicants.  We thank those that joined us early in our journey and look forward to their continued participation in the Program. New applicants must join at the Preferred Installer level.

Existing Basic Installer Qi’s and new Preferred Installer applicants are required to complete FAA approved training via Social Flight by December 24, 2024 to remain in the Program.  Yearly recertification is required for all levels, and minimum installation requirements apply.  For full details, please see the Qualified Installer Program Terms and Conditions.

Ready to get started on your uAvionix Qualified Installer journey?

Still have some questions about the program?  Here’s a quick Q&A to help you out.

Q1: What is the uAvionix Qualified Installer (Qi) program?

A1: The Qi program is a comprehensive installer certification initiative designed to ensure that all uAvionix product installations meet the highest standards of safety and quality. The program includes FAA-approved online training, yearly training, and a tiered certification process.

Q2: Why should I join the uAvionix Qi program?

A2: Becoming a Qi-certified installer provides numerous benefits, including access to exclusive training resources, larger product discounts, enhanced installer status, and a listing on the uAvionix website. This ensures your installations are of the highest quality, enhancing your reputation and customer satisfaction.

Q3: How do I get started with the Qi program?

A3: To begin, click HERE

Q4: What happens if I’m an existing Qi but don’t take any of the training?

A4: You can remain as a Basic installer for tailBeacon, skyBeacon and skySensor but must upload 3 uAvionix 337 installations a year to maintain your status. You will also not be listed on the uAvionix installer map.

Q5: What kind of discount do I get as a Basic installer?

A6: As a Basic Installer you will receive a 10% discount on skyBeacon, tailBeacon and skySensor. You will no longer receive discounts on AV-30, AV-20, tailBeaconX, AV-30 accessories or any other GA products.

Q6: Do you provide training?

A6: Yes! We have partnered with Social Flight to provide an FAA approved training series that can also count towards your WINGS recurrent training. Completion of the training is mandatory to become a Preferred Installer.

 Current training videos include:

Q7: How do I complete the certification?

A7: After completing the training videos and passing the necessary assessments, Social Flight will provide you with a PDF certificate. You must then submit this certificate through the uAvionix account portal.

Q8: What if I am an existing Qualified Installer?

A8: Existing Qualified Installers need to log in to their current uAvionix account and navigate to the certificate submission page to upload their new certification.

Q9: What are the benefits of becoming a Preferred Installer? 

A9: Preferred Installers receive larger product discounts, enhanced visibility on the uAvionix website, and access to a dedicated resource portal. They are also required to maintain high installation standards, ensuring continuous improvement and adherence to industry best practices.

Q10: What is the yearly assessment requirement? 

A10: To retain Preferred Installer status, you must upload one or more of the following (337s, equipment list update, W&B update or AFMS) for all uAvionix devices installed in the current year, with a minimum of 8 installs required annually.

Q11: Where can I find more information about the Qi program? 

A11: For more details about the Qi program, visit the Qualified Installer Program page or contact our support team at Support@uAvionix.com.

Q12: What additional resources are available to Certified Installers? 

A12: Certified Installers have access to a dedicated Qi Store for exclusive harnesses, install kits, and extra parts, as well as a comprehensive resource portal featuring documentation, install guides, videos, and eLearning resources.

Q13: How can I contact uAvionix for support? 

A13: For any questions or support related to the Qi program, please contact us at [Contact Information]. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Q14:  Do you provide collateral?

A14: Upon request, we will provide you with physical collateral, including decals, posters, banners and display materials. Display units and other merchandise may be purchased at a discounted rate.

Q15: Q: Can I pass along my cost savings to my customers?

A: No, all uAvionix resellers are required to sell each product at MSRP.