Dual-Band ADS-B Traffic Receiver

pingUSB is the worlds smallest, lightest, and most affordable dual-band ADS-B traffic receiver. View realtime ADS-B traffic on your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app on your mobile device wirelessly, or on your PC with USB.


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Live ADS-B Traffic
On Your EFB

pingUSB receives ADS-B traffic on both 978MHz and 1090MHz, and delivers real-time position reports to your favorite EFB supporting the GDL 90 protocol, including ForeFlight Mobile, SkyDemon, EasyVFR, AirMate, and Oz Runways.

See the Whole Picture

In addition to Wi-Fi EFB capability, pingUSB provides a direct USB connection to PC based applications such as open-source Virtual Radar Server. pingUSB is plug and play compatible with the senseFly eMotion UAS Ground Control Station (GCS) software platform.

Virtual Radar Server

Configure ping Transceivers and Transponders

pingUSB functions as a programmer to configure the ping ADS-B transponders and transceivers with your UAS information.
The configuration is as easy as connecting a smartphone or tablet to the pingUSB and entering your aircraft information.

Input Voltage / Power4-6V / 150mA
Weight5 grams
MTL 1090MHz
Dynamic Range
-81 to 0dBm
MTL 978MHz
Dynamic Range
(pingUSB does not receive or process FIS-B weather data)
-90 to -3dBm
InterfaceMavLINK Serial 57600bps