The AV-APA (analog port adapter) accessory enables aircraft owners with legacy autopilots to replace their old, heavy, vacuum-driven directional gyro with a more capable, lighter, digital AV-30 and potentially remove their vacuum system entirely.

The AV-APA emulates the analog heading signal used by legacy autopilots to provide heading hold as well as the ability to follow GPS tracks from a portable or IFR GPS.


  • Supported Modes include: GPS Desired Track, GPS Track Hold, GPS Bearing, GPS Steering (GPSS*)
  • Supported Autopilots include: S-TEC Systems 20/30/40/50
  • AV-APA Installation Kit includes connectors, connector housings, and pins
  • New modes and supported autopilots coming soon

*Available when installed with AV-HSI and associated software unlock.

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