The echoESX Mode S Transponder

The echoESX is the most affordable full range Mode S transponder with ADS-B for Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft.

  • 2020 Compliant ADS-B Out on 1090 MHz

  • Mode S transponder with 1090 ADS-B Out

  • Worldwide compliance

  • Meets TSO-C112e Class 1 Level 2els and TSO-C166b Class B1S

While other companies are looking to cash in on the ADS-B mandate by selling you a new transponder and WAAS GPS, uAvionix is taking a different approach. echoESX works with your existing avionics, allowing you to put your savings in the fuel tank and fly more.

Works with existing avionics
uAvionix echoESX Mode S Transponder

echoESX works with your existing avionics.

uAvionix echoESX Mode S Transponder works with all EFIS

Mode S Transponder with 1090ES

echoESX brings NexGen compliance to your aircraft without any limitations on international travel or altitude.  The Class 1 Mode S transponder provides compliance for all airspace requiring a transponder worldwide.  The 1090ES ADS-B Out meets ADS-B requirements for all current and proposed ADS-B mandates.

User & Installation Guide

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