Enterprise Managed C2 Infrastructure

SkyLine is the first Enterprise Command and Control (C2) infrastructure management service built from the ground up to meet aviation design standards for critical UAS and UAM applications. Leveraging DO-362A SkyLink radios, SkyLine integrates hardware, software, and services for seamless management of your mission and infrastructure.

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Radio Architecture

SkyLink ARS

Aircraft Radio

DO-362A Class AYS C-Band 10W Airborne Radio with dual antennas provides safety-critical datalink to your aircraft

Certified GPS BARO

truFYX – EXT

truFYX-EXT certified SBAS GPS provides critical timing, position integrity, and barometric altitude to the C2 link, your autopilot, and transponder

SkyLink GRS

Ground Radio

DO-362A Class GMYS beam-forming steerable 4×4 phased array for permanent fixed installations or mobile GCS

Secure and Reliable


Aviation Licensed C-Band frequencies provide for the maximum protection against unwanted and unsafe interference. Critical Infrastructure, Controlled Airspace, Type Certified Aircraft, and Advanced Air Mobility Demand Safety and Assurances that Licensed Spectrum Provides.

Design Assurance

Built to Aviation Standards, for a new standard on UAVs

SkyLink is the lowest SWaP Command and Non-Payload Control (CNPC) datalink engineered to satisfy the requirements of DO-362A industry requirements. Developed to Design Assurance Level (DAL) C for both hardware (DO-254C) and software (DO-178C) to ensure your aircraft, cargo, and passengers are secure.


Managed Enterprise Service Platform


Real-time Statistics and Telemetry

Monitor and control aircraft location, network health, signal strength, and load balancing and roaming capabilities from the SkyLine Service Platform

Vertically Integrated

Highly Scalable Infrastructure

The SkyLink hardware and Managed Infrastructure services provide centralized control over your mission, be it linear infrastructure or wide-area coverage.

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