Making BVLOS Missions A Reality

SkyLine provides mission assurance through centralized management of your Command and Control (C2) infrastructure and assets across diverse frequency and radio types.


What is SkyLine

SkyLine is the first cloud-based command and control network that combines fleet management, network health monitoring, detect & avoid, and seamless make-before-break roaming between multiple radio networks and ground stations – purpose built to complement your BVLOS safety case.

Datalink Integrity Management 

SkyLine manages the health and status of your datalinks, load balance, and C2 roaming capabilities across multiple aircraft in real time. SkyLine ensures your aircraft, cargo, and passengers are secure.

Low Latency & Deterministic C2 Roaming

SkyLine’s seamless make-before-break roaming creates a self-healing network spanning multiple ground radio stations across LTE, ISM (902-928MHz), and C-band (5030-5091MHz) to ensure a reliable datalink is never lost.

Built to Aviation Design Standards

SkyLine is built for scalable commercial operations. SkyLine radios are designed to DAL C for both hardware (DO-254) and software (DO-178), as well as the DO-362A MOPS established by RTCA as the standard for BVLOS flight.

The Right Tools Make all the Difference

Every link type has its own advantages and drawbacks. The SkyLine ecosystem allows your operation to take advantage of best link for every second of every flight. Take-off with a point-to-point ISM connection, transition to LTE for extended range, then climb up into the atmosphere on secure C Band for 100+ miles of range at 10,000 feet. Whatever your operational needs are, SkyLine analyzes and adjusts your connectivity on the fly, eliminating the possibility of a lost-link scenario.


Unlicensed ISM frequencies offer low barrier-to-entry connectivity with BVLOS ranges perfect for point-to-point solutions.

uAvionix ISM solutions leverage aviation-grade design and frequency hopping techniques for interference protection


Licensed spectrum LTE offers ready-made infrastructure and capacity at low-altitudes.

uAvionix LTE muLTElink solutions offer global roaming across network providers and international borders

C Band

C Band (5030-5091MHz) provides the ultimate global aviation protected spectrum option.

With 100+ miles of range and TSO certification standards, C Band offers the perfect blend of performance and assurance at all altitudes.

Link and Path Diversity for Assured Connectivity

Every radio and frequency has advantages and disadvantages depending on location and altitude. SkyLine brings the best of all networks and frequencies into the world’s first centralized C2 platform. Leveraging both path diversity (multiple radios) and link diversity (multiple radio frequencies) prevents lost link situations by enabling seamless roaming across radio types.

Data Retention & Mission Playback

Play back past missions for every flight from power up to power down. SkyLine records each aircraft’s flight path and radio integrity metrics, airspace traffic, and more. Plus, jump to an event using the automatic timeline keyframes.

Detect & Avoid Surveillance Data

Integrate multiple terrestrial sensors, including ADS-B receivers and primary radar information into your SkyLine interface to visualize cooperative and non-cooperative airspace traffic for enhanced detect & avoid capability.

Your Flights, Your Data,
Your Way

SkyLine’s REST-based API gives you the flexibility to choose how to use real-time and past flight data.

Start flying with SkyLine’s out-of-the-box web interface to monitor missions and configure data layers. Or output SkyLine’s data into your custom-developed PIC and NOC dashboards.

Explore the SkyLine Ecosystem

The SkyLine ecosystem consists of C2 radios operating in multiple frequencies, fixed and mobile installations, aircraft avionics, and ground-based DAA capabilities.





“A reliable and predictable C2 link built to aviation standards (e.g., RTCA DO-362A) is a critical component in obtaining scalable BVLOS operations. The uAvionix SkyLink radios and SkyLine Command & Control infrastructure are an essential component of the Vantis deployment to obtain a path to commercially viable BVLOS operations in the State of North Dakota.”

– Jim Cieplak Program Manager of Vantis

“The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma test site with its vastly diverse terrain is a perfect location to demonstrate SkyLine’s capabilities. With existing gaps in cellular coverage, it provides a real-world environment to showcase the unique ability of SkyLine’s cloud service to provide seamless command and control of an aircraft in a real-world environment”

– Marc Hartman Manager of Aviation Operations

Partners and Test Sites

SkyLine is currently deployed at various FAA designated UAS Test Sites where OEM’s and Operators can test integration and fly with SkyLine. Visit our partners to see how they are using SkyLine to advance the commercialization of UAS on the world’s first aviation-grade command and control network.

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