Cloud Managed BVLOS C2 Network

The world’s first purpose-built network to ensure DO-377 compliance for BVLOS Command & Control

Today, BVLOS approvals are highly dependent on waivers and recovery procedures for when a C2 link is lost, SkyLine focuses on preventing lost links altogether with the first certifiable aviation-grade CNPC network and radios.

The Network

SkyLine is the world’s first enterprise Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) infrastructure management services built from the ground up to meet DO-377 and anticipated TSO C-213A for safety-critical UAS and AAM applications.

Though radio agnostic, leveraging our new DO-362A compliant SkyLink C-Band radios, SkyLine integrates certifiable aviation-grade hardware, software, and health & status services for seamless management of your mission and infrastructure.

“A reliable and predictable C2 link built to aviation standards (e.g., RTCA DO-362A) is a critical component in obtaining scalable BVLOS operations. The uAvionix SkyLink radios and SkyLine Command & Control infrastructure are an essential component of the Vantis deployment to obtain a path to commercially viable BVLOS operations in the State of North Dakota.”

– Jim Cieplak Program Manager of Vantis

Integrity Monitoring

Monitor and control aircraft location, see real-time health and status monitoring of signal strength, load balancing and roaming capabilities,  from the SkyLine Service Platform. SkyLine ensures your aircraft, cargo, and passengers are secure.

Dynamic Roaming

SkyLine oversees multiple ground radio stations to manage seamless make-before-break handoffs throughout your mission, ensuring a reliable link is never lost.

Built to Aviation Design Standards

Developed to Design Assurance Level (DAL) C for both hardware (DO-254) and software (DO-178), as well as the DO-362 MOPS established by RTCA as the standard for BVLOS flight.

Adaptable to your Mission

SkyLine is radio agnostic and can be deployed with a one-to-one Microlink ISM or SkyLink C-Band radio, offering active health & status monitoring & frequency hopping for maximum performance. A single SkyLine C-Band ground radio will allow up to 25 miles* of range. Fly local or scale your network to cover linear infrastructure or a large site. Add additional ground stations for nearly limitless flight range.

CNPC Radios

SkyLine supports both the ISM and C-Band spectrum. Start integrating and flying on SkyLine today with the easy and license-free ISM Band, then seamlessly transition to aviation-protected, enterprise ready, C-Band hardware to launch your operations into the professional UAS market.

SkyLink (C-Band)

SkyLink is an aviation-protected C-Band (5030-5091 MHz) bi-directional, Multiple Input & Single Output (MISO) dual Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) radio system. Compliant with the RTCA DO-362A standard, SkyLink provides the information exchange required for operators to safely control, monitor, and manage a UAS. Accelerate your BVLOS approvals by leveraging SkyLink’s aviation-grade CNPC radios.

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The following required statement from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) applies to United States based entities with the exception of direct sales to the U.S. Government and units directly exported by uAvionix:

This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

MicroLink (ISM)

microLink is an FCC (U.S.A.) and IC (Canada) approved, aviation-grade, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Command and Control (C2) datalink radio specifically designed for long-range mission-critical UAS operations. microLink is the only solution when integrity and performance are critical to your mission.

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A Complete Ecosystem of Compatible Certified Solutions

Make your platform’s safety case with type-certified aviation-grade avionics and ground infrastructure. SkyLine is plug and play with all uAvionix certified solutions.

George AutoPilot

George combines the flexibility and open-source innovation in UAS autopilots with the robustness of a certifiable DAL-C hardware and a DAL-C safety and sensor processor.

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truFYX is the first TSO Certified GPS Position Source that brings a heritage of aviation-grade standards and reliability to UAS operations. truFYX ensures your autopilot and ADS-B systems are only using the highest integrity data available.

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Partners and Test Sites

SkyLine is currently deployed at various FAA designated UAS Test Sites where OEM’s and Operators can test integration and fly with SkyLine. Visit our partners to see how they are using SkyLine to advance the commercialization of UAS on the world’s first aviation-grade command and control network.

If you’d like to learn more about SkyLine, our C-Band or ISM C2 radios, or how to start flying on SkyLine or on the VANTIS network, fill out this form.