Airport Vehicle ADS-B Transmitter

Prevent vehicle runway incursions with the FAA-approved VTU-20. Broadcast surface vehicle movement in real-time to nearby aircraft, other operations vehicles, ATC, and airport management for enhanced situational awareness.


Easy Deployment

VTU-20’s innovative design ensures easy installation, integration and interoperability with Airport Surface Detection Equipment, Model X (ASDE-X), Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC), or ADS-B receiver surveillance solutions for airport surface control and situational awareness. The all-in-one external design includes a 20W Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) transmitter, internal FAA qualified Global Positioning System (GPS) and antennas. The all-weather housing includes magnetic and bolt-on installation options.


Equip VTU-20 on any airport operations vehicle for improved safety and situational awareness in airport movement areas.

Snow Removal

Snow removal operations often occur in low-visibility conditions. Enabling these operations with ADS-B ensures ATC as well as arriving and departing aircraft have perfect situational awareness during these critical operations.


Emergency response teams are on life-saving missions, keep them safe and out of harm’s way by adding visibility of ARFF operations to pilots and other ground vehicles.

Airport Operations

Electricians, wildlife control, aircraft tugs, and other operations vehicles are always on the move. Ensure their safety as well as others with the protection that ADS-B affords.

Squitter Map Support

VTU-20 can intelligently transmit when traveling in airport movement areas and disable transmission in low-risk areas using FAA approved Squitter Transmission Maps. Squitter Transmission Maps, vehicle ID, and ICAO addresses are field configurable with a provided PC based tool.

Visualize Air and Ground Traffic

Enabling ground vehicles to transmit on ADS-B is just the beginning. ADS-B In equipped aircraft will immediately benefit and begin to see real-time surface movement. Take your airport operations even further with pingStation 3 by visualizing ADS-B air and ground traffic on 1090 and 978 UAT for optimal fleet management, runway incursion prevention, and enhanced situational awareness.

See live traffic provided by pingStation at vrs.uavionix.com.

Add ADS-B In to Vehicles

Further enhance safety with an ADS-B IN Display in the vehicle cab. Sentry, Sentry Mini, and pingUSB all provide low-cost display functionality to vehicle drivers and operators.

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Specification Value
Dimensions 134 x 138 x 80mm
Transmit Frequency 978 MHz
Operating Temperature Range -45°C to +80°C
Input Voltage Range 9V to 32 VDC, 1.5 Watts
Serviceability Field Upgradable