Service Bulletin Summary
Based on FAA guidance, uAvionix requires all echoUAT customers to utilize an approved pressure altitude encoder capable of data input rates meeting the requirements of DO-282B.
echoUAT does not contain an internal barometer. Instead, most echoUAT installations utilize Mode C replies for pressure altitude reporting in ADS-B messages. Concern arises when the aircraft flies in rural/non-radar coverage airspace where no Mode C replies are generated. This can lead to a situation where echoUAT reports old pressure altitude information due to a lack of Mode C replies or no pressure altitude data is available for extended periods of time. Furthermore, echoUAT has been integrated into many third-party transponder systems that send pressure altitude at various rates, some of which may not be compliant. echoUAT has no way to guarantee these third party altitude encoder data rates, so an echoALT should be used to guarantee necessary pressure altitude reporting performance.
To address these issues, uAvionix offers a small retrofit altitude encoder, echoALT, which provides pressure altitude data to the echoUAT. uAvionix is offering echoALT and associated software for free to existing echoUAT customers. Installation of the echoALT utilizes the existing wiring and a provided Y-cable that connects the existing 6-pin wiring harness to the echoALT and echoUAT.
Additionally, uAvionix is verifying a limited number of third-party transponder altitude encoders as part of an approved altitude encoder list. This list of approved third-party altitude encoders will not require echoALT retrofits but may require special configurations. Review the echoUAT EXP Service Bulletin for the current list of approved altitude encoders.
Do not proceed with this service bulletin unless you have an echoALT or other approved altitude source. See service bulletin details for approved altitude encoders. echo Installer App version 1.9.11+ is required for installation.
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Products Affected:
This Service Bulletin applies to all echoUAT installations utilizing an echoALT. The software identified in the Service Bulletin should only be applied when an approved altitude encoder source is connected to the echoUAT.