All-Weather Network Ready ADS-B Receiver


PingStation is a dual band (978MHz and 1090MHz), networkable ADS-B receiver with a Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) interface enclosed in an IP67 rated protective enclosure.  PingStation provides ground, surface, or low-altitude ADS-B surveillance within line of sight of the antenna, with range dependent upon the output power of the transmitting ADS-B transceiver.  PingStation is robust enough to be permanently mounted outdoors in harsh environmental conditions and small enough to be used as a mobile asset for roaming operations. Installation is simple with included pole mount bracket and requires a single POE cable which provides both power and data communications.  An integrated GPS provides position and precision timestamping for messaging.

Multiple PingStations may be networked together to provide a wide area low-altitude surveillance volume.  Data messages are available in JSON or Compressed VRS.


  • Detects ADS-B equipped aircraft on 1090MHz and 978MHz within a 150-mile radius in real time.

  • Based on exclusive pingTM Silicon Radio

  • Meets or exceeds all receive performance requirements specified by DO-282B and DO-260B

  • Environmentally protected enclosure with adaptable mounting options

  • Simple power and connectivity options using Power over Ethernet (POE)

  • Network multiple receivers to enable a wide area low-altitude surveillance network

  • US patents pending

Rugged All-Weather Design

  • PingStation is designed for extreme weather.

  • The corrosion-resistant IP67 housing is suitable for harsh environments.

  • A lightweight design and minimal profile reduces wind loading.

  • Low-power and low-heat design requires no cooling.

Integration with existing applications

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PingStation installation is scalable for greater coverage.
Network multiple pingStation receivers to create an ADS-B surveillance network.

Purchase PingStation

Purchase PingStation


  • pingStation
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation Manual
  • ICD

pingStation $ 1,750.00

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