Real-Time Sense and Avoid for UAS

pingRX is the world’s only dual-frequency ADS-B traffic receiver for UAS Sense and Avoid. At just 5 grams, pingRX receives position reports from surrounding aircraft and displays them to the UAS pilot.


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Cross-Platform Support

Increased awareness and safe operations are not limited to one platform. pingRX communicates by MAVLINK to a number of autopilots, including Ardupilot based systems like pixhawk, cubepilot, and PX4. An integration guide is available to develop pingRX support for any autopilot.

NextGen ADS-B

ADS-B is the foundation of the next generation airspace. After January 1, 2020, all manned aircraft operating in controlled airspace in the U.S. will be equipped with ADS-B Out. ADS-B allows aircraft to broadcast their position and course information in real-time, this makes pingRX the most effective and cost-effective Sense and Avoid solution for UAS.


pingRX receives nearby aircraft ADS-B positions automatically. This data is relayed through the autopilot to the remote pilot and aircraft positions are displayed on the Ground Control Station (GCS)


pingRX continues to update the remote pilot with threat aircraft position and course in real-time. The remote pilot assesses the threat of the intruder breaking the Well Clear threshold.


The remote pilot analyzes the threat and moves to remain Well Clear.

Input Voltage / Power4-6V / 80mA
Weight5 grams
MTL 1090MHz
Dynamic Range
-81 to 0dBm
MTL 978MHz
Dynamic Range
-90 to -3dBm
InterfaceMavLINK Serial 57600bps