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Real-Time Sense and Avoid for Unmanned Aircraft

pingRX ADS-B Receiver

pingRX is the world’s smallest and lightest ADS-B receiver.  At just 5 grams pingRX receives position reports from surrounding aircraft in real-time.  Remote pilots receive audio and visual alerts* as aircraft enter the surrounding airspace.   The small footprint and low weight of pingRX results in greatly enhanced situational awareness with zero impact on performance.


*Alerts and avoidance capability vary with installed autopilot.


  • Detects commercial aircraft threats on 1090MHz and 978MHz within a 100 statute mile radius in real time

  • User programmable spherical radius for threat reporting

  • Implements ‘Sense and Avoid’ for drone operations in the national airspace

  • Direct MAVLink integration with Pixhawk autopilot and APM Mission Planner

  • Integration with DJI using the DJI SDK

Cross-Platform Support

Increased awareness and safe operation is not limited to one platform.

uAvionix is working to integrate pingRX with multiple autopilots.

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pingRX ADS-B data shown in DJI Mobile Application.
Integrate pingRX with DJI Onboard SDK


pingRX ADS-B data shown in Mission Planner
Integrate pingRX with Arudpilot

An integration guide is available to develop pingRX  support for any autopilot.


ADS-B (Automatic Direct Surveillance Broadcast) is the foundation of the next generation airspace.  ADS-B allows aircraft to exchange position and course information directly in real-time.  pingRX receives the position reports from surrounding aircraft and provides the information to the drone autopilot and remote pilot.  The FAA is requiring all manned aircraft be equipped with ADS-B by the year 2020.



pingRX receives the aircraft ADS-B broadcast automatically.

When an aircraft reaches a specified distance from the drone the remote pilot receives an audio/visual alert via telemetry down-link.



pingRX continues to update the remote pilot and autopilot with threat aircraft position and course in real-time.

Using the incoming information the drone autopilot calculates remaining time until threat aircraft will be within the programmable threat radius.



Remote pilot analyzes information and moves to avoid the threat aircraft.

If no action is taken by the remote pilot, the autopilot can be programmed to perform automatic avoidance.

Technical Specifications


Specification Value
Voltage/Power 4-6V/150mW
Size 30x15x3mm
Weight 5 grams
Operating Temperature -40° to +80°C


Specification Value
MTL 1090MHz
Dynamic Range
-71 to 0dBm
MTL 978MHz
Dynamic Range
-90 to -3dBm

Supported Interface

Connector JST ZHR-4 or
Board to Board headers
Interface MAVLink Serial
Data Rate 57600 bps


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