SkyLink5060 Firmware Update

Products Affected:  skyLink5060, SkyLink5060 Micro, and SkyStation5060 HUB Update Guide: SkyLink5060 Radio Update Guide.pdf SkyLink5060 Firmware: SkyLink5060 STM V0.4.12.uav SkyLink5060 Mirco Firmware: SkyLink5060 Micro STM V0.4.12.uav SkyStation5060 HUB Firmware: SkyStation F7 V0.0.20.uav SkyLink App: SkyLinkApp v1.3 Release.exe pingBootFlasher: PingBootFlasher v2.11.exe


tailBeaconX Software Upgrade to ADS-B 3.4.0

In this release: Update NACv limiting Increase controller compatibility Products affected: tailBeaconX TSO (see Service Bulletin for details) Service Bulletin: If the tailbeaconX was installed using the STC or the FAA ADS-B Policy Memo please follow the STC Service Bulletin: STC Service Bulletin tailBeaconX Upgrade to ADS-B 3.4.0 If the tailBeaconX was installed through [...]


ping200X TSO – Service Bulletin 3.3.1

In This Release: In cases where no callsign is provided at power up, ping200X utilizes the aircraft registration as the callsign. Implemented additional Apollo control message validity checks. Default emitter type set to “No Information”. If pressure altitude data isn’t received after 2 seconds, it is reported as “unavailable”. Support of additional Mode S GICB registers. DF17 extended [...]


SkyEcho Wi-Fi Firmware v2.38 Update (Latest Release)

Before you begin To connect to the SkyEcho 2, power on SkyEcho 2 and join a device to the wireless network SSID named SKYECHO-XXXX using the procedure for your device. This procedure is identical to joining any other public or private Wi-Fi on your chosen device.If you have configured your SkyEcho 2 to use [...]


pingStation Version 1.1.12 Firmware Update

What's New in Version 1.1.12 Add reasonableness check to local and global CPR decodes How to update pingStation system software Download the latest pingStation firmware:  pingStation V1.1.12 The update process is started by launching http://###.###.###.###/update Choose the file to upload by pressing the “Choose File” button. Press "Upload" to start the upgrade process.  There [...]


SkyEcho Wi-Fi Firmware V0.2.33 Update

IN THIS RELEASE – Improves SkyEcho's Wi-Fi performance, and ensures CE/RED compliance – Improves battery life measurement – Changes the Configuration page to enable the setting of SDA value as permitted in the country of use.  In UK and Australia, the setting is defaulted to one (1) – Bug fix for incorrect GNSS altitude when viewing on [...]


Update echoUAT transceiver software

 Download the latest transceiver software for EchoUAT Echo Transceiver software version:2.4.43 2.4.43 Released 4/9/2019 Fixes to optimize performance in high traffic enviroments 2.4.15 Released 1/22/2018 Properly displays invalid baro altitude as "--" instead of zero in the mobile application 2.4.14 Released 1/19/2018 Changes TIS traffic handling to resolve traffic 'flashing' on some displays Connect your [...]


Update echoUAT system software

 Download the latest software for EchoUAT Echo software version: 3.26 3.26 Released 3/13/2018 When echoUAT configuration is set by GRT EFIS use EFIS baro output even when control source is transponder monitor. 3.23 Released 1/19/2018 Invalid or undetected baro now displays as "--" instead of "0" in echo mobile application 3.22 Released 1/1/2018 Corrects incorrect [...]