AV-30-E Service Bulletin Software Upgrade 2.3.9

Description: AV-30-E Software v2.3.9 implements the following changes: AV-Mag installation procedure auto-detects installation angles if provided by the AV-Mag. AV-Mag calibration no longer requires knowledge of local value of earth’s magnetic field. AV-Mag Yaw adjustment fix. AV-Mag firmware CRC display fix. AV-Mag software part number and version now displayed in install menu Reserve battery storage [...]


AV-Link-E Service Bulletin Software Upgrade 0.3.0

Description: AV-Link-E Software v0.3.0 implements the following changes: Fixed display of AV-30 serial number on web page Web page now uses the word software instead of firmware Update of the AV-Link software now includes extra image type verification Prioritize autoconnect to skySensor Fix display of AV-Link part number Products Affected: AV-Link-E (UAV-1004413-001)  running firmware 0.2.39 [...]


tailBeaconX Software Upgrade to ADS-B 3.4.0

In this release: Update NACv limiting Increase controller compatibility Products affected: tailBeaconX TSO (see Service Bulletin for details) Service Bulletin: If the tailbeaconX was installed using the STC or the FAA ADS-B Policy Memo please follow the STC Service Bulletin: STC Service Bulletin tailBeaconX Upgrade to ADS-B 3.4.0 If the tailBeaconX was installed through [...]


ping200X TSO – Service Bulletin 3.4.0

In This Release: Legacy XP Transponder protocol support Products Affected:  ping200X – All TSO models Service Bulletin: TSO Service Bulletin ping200X Upgrade to 3.4.0 (PDF) 3.4.0 Software: ping200X UAV-1002723-001 Mod 0 POP Software Update to 3.4.0