Native support for the uAvionix PingX ADS-B receiver is now available in beta of the 3.4 code for Copter, Plane and Helicopter.  Below is the procedure for loading the firmware on your Pixhawk/APM autopilot to visualize ADS-B compliant aircraft in your operational vicinity.

  • Verify that you are running the latest version of Mission Planner
  • Open Mission Planner and click “Install Firmware” from the “Initial Setup” window
  • Use the Hot Key command “Ctrl Q” to access Beta/Trunk firmware (V3.4dev) and click load
  • Once the firmware update is complete, power cycle the autopilot
  • Verify a successful update by viewing “Flight Data–Message” window located in the bottom left corner of Mission Planner
  • Set ADSB_ENABLE to “1” in the Mission Planner parameters list
  • The default plug-in on the Pixhawk autopilot for pingRX remains TELEM2