The uAvionix ping200X transponder and truFYX GPS recently enabled UAS specialists, Flylogix, to conduct ambitious Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations in the North Sea.


Who is Flylogix? 
Flylogix is a team of unmanned aircraft system operators with a mission to make our world a better place with UAS at the fulcrum. The UK based team is delivering smarter solutions for many day-to-day aerial tasks that can benefit from remotely operated aircraft. As it stands today, the aerial economy supporting industries like agricultural and gas/oil line inspections relies heavily on large aircraft, which demand enormous amounts of fuel to safely transport people to and from jobs. Flylogix sees a cleaner and more efficient future with UAS performing some of these tasks. 

The Challenges
UAS operating without electronic conspicuity (EC) are largely invisible to manned aircraft, and those that have electronic conspicuity equipped enable the UAS to SEE and BE SEEN by other airspace users. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) agrees and has highlighted several articles in the most recent edition of their Clued Up publication, supporting that electronic conspicuity for UAS and manned aircraft is an integral part of safer, collaborative airspace. 

Flylogix and uAvionix
Together, with the uAvionix ping200X ADS-B Out Mode S transponder combined with truFYX, our high integrity GPS, Flylogix successfully gained regulatory approval this year for ambitious BVLOS flights across the North Sea. The key to gaining the trust and approval needed to perform their flights lies in the safety case enabled by the ping200X/truFYX combo. By installing this equipment, the mission could be observed by NATS Air Traffic Control via the NATS ADS-B and primary and secondary radar network in the North Sea. Helicopter operators traversing to and from nearby oil platforms that were equipped with TCAS or ADS-B receivers could also see the UAS and remain well clear of the operation. The image below is one of the flights performed by Flylogix observed from the Aireon space-based ADS-B satellite network – thanks to ping200X’s dipole antennas.


Track from the uAvionix ping200X squitter transmissions for an example Flylogix BVLOS flight, as recorded by the Aireon space-based ADS-B network.


“The uAvionix ping200X and truFYX GPS were a critical component of the Flylogix CAA Safety Case,” states Ed Clay, Flylogix Operations Director. “The certification credentials of the uAvionix products were critical to gaining approval from both CAA and NATS.”


Simple, high performance without the complexity of diversity

The uAvionix ping200X utilizes a high-performance dipole antenna which, once installed in an appropriate location on the aircraft such as a wingtip or tail, provides both upwards and downwards transmissions encircling the aircraft with minimal impact from aircraft shadowing.  Statistics from the Aireon network are proof-positive of this coverage. For the three flights conducted, the Probability of Update Interval (PUI) statistic proves to be over 98% for an 8-second interval. For purposes of EC and Detect and Avoid (DAA), this indicates that transponders with diversity are not required for smaller UASs (Groups 1-3) with proper antenna installation. Benefits of ping200X include a reduction in size, weight, power, antenna drag, complexity, and cost when compared to the purchase, installation, and operation of a diversity transponder. This is the same design strategy employed by the uAvionix tailBeaconX, our tail-mounted ADS-B Transponder for General Aviation, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and Urban Air Mobility.

Ping200X paired with the truFYX GPS is a great solution for every UAS that is constrained by size, weight, and power consumption. The entire system, weighing only 70 grams demonstrates you don’t have to sacrifice performance for size. 

Thanks to ping200X, Flylogix is advancing its mission for safe operation of UAS in a greater capacity to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, introduce new innovations for people like you and usher us into a prosperous future that we all can feel safe and secure about.

Learn more about ping200X and truFYX, to get the approvals you need to launch your UAS platform.