Bigfork, MT September 26, 2019

uAvionix Corporation, designer and manufacturer of Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) equipment for manned and unmanned equipment today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with United Kingdom (UK) based LX Avionics for distribution of SkyEcho – the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) CAP1391 approved Electronic Conspicuity (EC) device.  As a stocking distributor, LX Avionics will serve as the primary purchase and support channel for the SkyEcho product line in the UK and Europe.

SkyEcho is the world’s first portable ADS-B IN and OUT solution for UK Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aircraft.  SkyEcho can be configured as an ADS-B OUT solution in the UK, or as an ADS-B IN and FLARM receiver only for use elsewhere in the European Union (EU).  ADS-B IN functionality works with any GDL-90 compatible Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), and FLARM functionality is compatible with ForeFlight Europe, SkyDemon, EasyVFR4, and Airmate EFBs.

“Our new relationship with LX Avionics is customer focused.  Until now, UK and EU customers have had to be patient in dealing with our U.S. based distribution and support team,” says President Christian Ramsey. “LX Avionics is already a trusted entity in the UK, and as a stocking distributor, overseas shipping costs and delayed communications will be a thing of the past.”

“LX Avionics are delighted to have been appointed as EU and UK distributor for the SkyEcho.  uAvionix are at the cutting edge of EC and collision avoidance technology, for light and general aviation. We are extremely excited to be in partnership with this exciting, forward thinking company.”

Beginning immediately, SkyEcho orders on the uAvionix website and otherwise will be processed directly through LX Avionics.

About uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix was founded in 2015 with the mission of bringing safety solutions to the unmanned aviation industry in order to aid in the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS). A fundamental principle of that mission is to provide solutions that allow all airspace users a common situational awareness of the airspace. Through the evolution of our company, we pioneered and now offer low SWaP TSO certified and uncertified ADS-B and GPS solutions for General Aviation (GA), Airport Surface Vehicles and the UAS markets. Based in Bigfork, MT and Leesburg, VA, uAvionix consists of an unparalleled engineering and management team with a unique combination of experience within avionics, surveillance, airport services, UAS aircraft development, radio frequency (RF), and semiconductor industries. The entire leadership team consists of pilots of fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAS aircraft. uAvionix is backed by investors at Playground Global and Airbus Ventures.

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About LX Avionics

LX Avionics Ltd was founded in 2002, by the recently retired Royal Airforce Air Commodore, John Delafield.  Since then, LX Avionics has gone from strength to strength, to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers to General Aviation.  We specialise in Avionics, Aircraft Instruments and Collision Avoidance systems for the Light Aviation, recreational flying and Gliding communities.

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