In This Release:

  • In cases where no callsign is provided at power up, ping200X utilizes the aircraft registration as the callsign.
  • Implemented additional Apollo control message validity checks.
  • Default emitter type set to “No Information”.
  • If pressure altitude data isn’t received after 2 seconds, it is reported as “unavailable”.
  • Support of additional Mode S GICB registers.
  • DF17 extended squitter data available in GICB Mode S interrogations.  Used primarily in Europe and foreign markets.
  • Callsign requires a minimum of 4 seconds to update.

Products Affected: 

ping200X – All TSO models

Service Bulletin: TSO Service Bulletin ping200X Upgrade to ADS-B 3.3.1 (PDF)

3.3.1 Firmware: UAV-1002393-004 ping200X 3.3.1