Airspace users equipped with 978MHz UAT ADS-B IN and within range of these broadcasts should be able to receive real-time alerting of site activity from the ADS-B Obstruction Beacon if their avionics/Electronic Flight Bag application receives 978MHz UAT ADS-B IN data and supports the display of 978Mhz UAT ADS-B Point Obstacles. Some avionics/Electronic Flight Bag applications may not yet correctly display ADS-B Point Obstacles. Gathering feedback on such matters is one objective of the trial.

ADS-B transceivers/receivers, such as the uAvionix SkyEcho 2 or Garmin GDL 50, which are dual-band, receiving ADS-B IN on 1090MHz and 978MHz, will be able to receive these new Obstruction Beacon broadcasts. The SkyEcho 2’s second receivers must be set to receive 978Mhz UAT. See SkyEcho 2 Setup screen below.