Address Qualifier Field Encoding

In accordance with DO-282, Beacons will broadcast an Address Qualifier value of 5, meaning the Address Type is ‘Fixed ADS-B Beacon’, using a non-ICAO, state assigned unique 24-bit address.

24-bit Address Field

As qualified by the above, each Beacon will broadcast a fixed non-ICAO 24- bit address (Hex Code). These will be assigned on a fixed basis for the duration of the trial. The values that will be used will be 000001 – 00000D (1 – 13 decimal).

Beacon IDs

Each Beacon will broadcast its own unique ID. All Beacon IDs will be 8 characters long. IDs will conform to the format described in the following table.

Character PositionsValueDescription
1 & 2“UK”United Kingdom
3 & 4“WL”Beacon for Gliding Winch Launch Site
3 & 4“HP”Beacon for Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site
3 & 4“MF”Beacon for Model Flying Site
5 – 84 Alphanumeric charactersIndicative of the site name