pingNAV is the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B OUT compliant navigation source.  ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions.  ADS-B is mandated by the FAA for all aircraft in the U.S. National Airspace by 2020.



pingNAV supports GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo satellite constellations and a battery backup for quicker position initialization. Dual static ports for  pressure altimeter readings and integrated security and integrity technologies including Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) and Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) to detect and correct errors improving accuracy, reliability and availability.

  • Supports GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo concurrent GNSS
  • Battery backup for fast FTTF
  • Directly connects to Ping2020 transceiver
  • Dual boundary layer static pressure ports
  • UTC timing output for UAT ADS-B medium synchronization
  • Designed to meet DO-229D MOPs
  • Integrated Security and Integrity protection
  • Uses SBAS corrections and health messages to detect and correct satellite range errors
  • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection
  • Satellite pseudo-range step errors detected and excluded
  • SBAS fast and long term corrections applied
  • Program with unique ICAO using the Ping App.

Purchase pingNav

Order pingNav direct from uAvionix.


Combined with the ping2020 Class A1S transceiver to provide a complete ADS-B IN/OUT solution

Technical Specifications-Dimensions

Specification Value
Voltage/Power 5V/500mW
Size 42x22mm
Weight 30 grams
Operating Temperature -40° to +80°C

Technical Specifications-Receiver

Specification Value
Sensitivity -167dBm
Pressure Altimeter 18Kft, 10cm resolution
NACp 7-EPU < 0.1NM
NACv 1 – < 10m/s
SDA 1 – < 1E-3
SIL 1 – < 1E-3
NIC 7 – Rc < 02NM
NICbaro 0 – Not Crosschecked

Supported Interfaces

UTCtic 1pps
UART 115200 bps