Update skySensor EXP ADS-B Software

Download the latest skySensor ADS-B update Download Update Connect your PC to the skySensor Wi-Fi by connecting to the Sensor-XXX network Open a web browser and access the skySensor at If the page does not load confirm you are connected to the skySensor Wi-Fi Click Update next to the ADS-B version Click Choose File, Browse to [...]


AV-30-C is FAA Approved

Bigfork, Montana –– Today, uAvionix Corporation announced the long-awaited AV-30-C panel display has received FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certification) approval. The AV-30-C offers pilots an effective and affordable AI or DG replacement that goes far beyond a single feature gauge. AV-30-C is installable as either an AI or DG and adds a suite of in-flight [...]

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