skyBeacon Software Upgrade to ADS-B 1.0.3

This service bulletin has been superseded by the latest skyBeacon release v1.4.0.  Upgrade to 1.4.0 is recommended.  Description: skyBeacon ADS-B Software v1.0.3 resolves a problem that caused skyBeacon TSO products installed on aircraft with 24/28V systems to sometimes be identified as experiencing ADS-B performance reporting issues. The issue did not result in transmission of [...]

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pingEFB PID/VID update Instructions

Note this process is only applicable to specific units, there is no need to perform these steps unless directed by uAvionix. To update the pingEFB PID/VID perform the following steps: For Windows Users: 1.  Download FT Prog   2.  Install FT Prog by launching the downloaded installer.   3.  Download the pingEFB Template here:  (Right Click [...]

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ping20Xs Control Application

Applies to: ping200S ping200Si/Sr ping20S The ping200S Control Application allows users to test ping200S functionality by sending commands to the ping transponders over RS-232 to from a Windows PC.  A serial connection to the transponder is required. Ping20XS Control Application Ping200S Control Application Guide

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Update pingProgrammer Wi-Fi Software

 Download the latest Wi-Fi software for pingProgrammer. pingProgrammer Wi-Fi Software Connect your PC to the current pingProgrammer Wi-Fi by connecting to the current network  SSID. Open a web browser and access the pingProgrammer at If the page does not load confirm you are connected to the pingProgrammer Wi-Fi. [...]

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Update EchoUAT Wi-Fi Software

 Download the latest Wi-Fi software for EchoUAT EchoUAT Wi-Fi Software Connect your PC to the Echo Wi-Fi by connecting to the Ping-XXX network and if required enter the passphrase uavionix (all lowercase). Open a web browser and access the EchoUAT at If the page does not load confirm you [...]

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pingUSB Virtual Radar Server Setup

1. Connect Ping USB to a Windows PC. 2. Download the ping installer. 3.  Extract (unzip) the pingUSB installation software. 4.  Run the pingSetup.msi and follow the on-screen setup.   5. Download Virtual Radar Server for Windows. 6. Run VirtualRadarSetup.exe and complete installation of Virtual Radar Server. [...]

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