Description: AV-30-E Software v2.3.3 implements the following changes since 2.3.1:

  • Set Altitude visual alert added
  • MFD now available even when DG is the locked function
  • Add support for Trio Pro Pilot autopilot
  • Add support for parallel connection of beaconX transponders. One connection for control and the other for GPS only.
  • Splash screen time fix
  • AV-Link connectivity improvements
  • Add AV-Link setting reset feature
  • Add field calibration method for pitot-static zero setting
  • Add field calibration of altitude trim using two points
  • Sentry GPS lat and lon can be used for world magnetic model lookup
  • Rotary encoder improvement
  • Add ground test mode for beaconX transponders
  • Software update improvements
  • Add “MAG CAL” flag to indicate missing calibration rather than “NO CAL”
  • PUSH-SET menu now includes Autopilot control functions
  • AV-Mag software CRC value displayed in the installation menu
  • Altitude, baro and vertical speed now available on DG screens
  • Baro (AI screens) and heading bug (DG screens) adjustable directly by turning the knob without initial PUSH-SET
  • HSI no longer shows “NO COURSE” when using a GPS that does not support waypoint navigation
  • Display alignment improvement
  • Magnetometer calibration no longer reset by 2-button hard reset
  • Altitude restored more accurately on power up
  • True airspeed units independent from Indicated airspeed units

Products Affected:
AV-30-E (UAV-1004035-001 and UAV-1004035-002)  running firmware 2.3.2 and earlier

Service Bulletin:

AV-30-E v2.3.3 Service Bulletin Software Upgrade

AV Update Tool:

UAV-1005199-001 AV Update Tool v1.2.0 (Requires Windows 7 or higher)

AV-30-E v2.3.3 Firmware:

UAV-1004037-006 Software Update v2.3.3

For additional information or questions please submit a support request: