AV-30-C Software v2.1.4 implements the following changes:

  • Fix GPS waypoint and data rendering issues
  • Enable BeaconX transponder functionality
  • Enhance transponder annunciations
  • Fix rendering issues on several screens with LCD font
  • Fix Serial 3 selection issue

Products Affected:

AV-30-C (UAV-1003429-001, UAV-1003429-002)  running firmware 2.1.2 and earlier

Service Bulletin:

AV-30-C Service Bulletin Upgrade to 2.1.4 UAV-1005689-002 Rev B

AV Update Tool:

UAV-1005199-001 AV Update Tool v1.2.0 (Requires Windows 7 or higher)

AV-30-C v 2.1.4 Firmware:

UAV-1003494-003 AV-30-C Software Update v2.1.4

For additional information or questions please submit a support request: