AV-30-E Software v2.0.3 implements the following changes:

  • Add traffic display
  • Add hour meter – Available on SETUP screen
  • Implement magnetic declination correction for BeaconX GPS input
  • Add multi-engine support
  • Add beep on volume adjust
  • GPS Rendering Corrections
  • Correct GPS waypoint not always shown on GPS ARC view
  • Correct GPS overlay display values to truncate rather than round
  • Update textual heading/bearings from 000 to 360
  • Correct magnetic variation data as provided by NMEA device
  • Aera 660 waypoint artifacts – Internal waypoint data could be corrupted by previous values in the NMEA GPS data processor; systems other than Aera 660 would be affected as well
  • Vso/Vs1 configuration – Vs0 and Vs1 were swapped on the airspeed tape
  • Add factory default recovery mode – Add ability to reset main board flash, to trigger, at startup, hold encoder and right button
  • Reverse zoom encoder rotation on map views – Both GPS TPD and ARC displays have updated the direction of zoom to encoder rotation to align with the
  • Traffic display and be more consistent with other products.
  • Add “cancel shutdown” message – Update wording on splash screen indicating the user can press a button to cancel shutdown
  • Correct range check on IAS trim setup menu.

Products Affected:

AV-30-E (UAV-1004035-001) running firmware 1.1 and earlier

Service Bulletin:

AV-30-E Service Bulletin Software Upgrade 2.0.3 UAV-1005501-001 Rev B

AV Update Tool:

UAV-1005199-001 AV Update Tool v1.2.0 (Requires Windows 7 or higher)

AV-30-E v 2.0.3 Firmware:

UAV-1004037-001 AV-30-E Software Update v2.3.0

For additional information or questions please submit a support request: