skyBeacon ADS-B Software v1.3.1 implements the following changes:

  • Improved ADS-B compliance, especially with respect to Flight ID and Mode 3/A in challenging areas or fringe radar coverage
  • Updated anonymous mode functionality
  • Enhanced support for aircraft emitter types other than Light Aircraft

Products Affected:

skyBeacon TSO (UAV-1001856-002) MOD 0, MOD 1, MOD 2, and MOD 3 running ADS-B software v1.0.3 or previous.


Optional but recommended.

Certification Approval:


skyBeacon STC Installation Manual UAV-1002305-001 Rev E

Service Bulletin:

skyBeacon Service Bulletin UAV-1002765-002 Rev A

Beacon Update Tool:

UAV-1002767 BeaconUpdate Tool v1.0.0

skyBeacon v 1.3.1 Firmware:

UAV-1001759-003 skyBeacon v1.3.1


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