uAvionix successfully demonstrates transfer of Command & Non-Payload Control between LTE and C-band radios using its new Link Executive Manager (LEM)

The ability for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) to simultaneously leverage multiple and diverse Command and Control (C2) radios is a key part of mission-critical operations.  This capability allows the UAS to use the most appropriate radio or frequency band for the specific mission or location and provides an essential backup C2 link in case [...]

2022-05-31T14:52:11-05:0005/31/22|Press Release|

uAvionix skyEcho portable ADS-B transceiver now available in New Zealand

uAvionix today announced that the skyEcho portable ADS-B transceiver is now available for the New Zealand General Aviation market for use in uncontrolled airspace as an ADS-B awareness or Electronic Conspicuity device. skyEcho can be used by general aviation aircraft to enhance their visibility and increase situational awareness through ADS-B OUT and IN. SkyEcho is the world’s [...]

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