AV-30-C Software v2.3.9 implements the following changes:
  • Add support for AV-Mag
  • Add multipoint altitude field calibration
  • Add pitot zero-point field calibration
  • Support tailBeaconX in paralleled mode
  • Add capability to reset AV-Link configuration
  • Improve installation vibration monitor
  • Annunciate tailBeaconX restarts
  • Optimize display update rate
  • Add ability to disable AoA
  • Add ADAHRS output messages
  • Improve last altitude restore on power cycle
  • Improve DALT calculation
  • Expand range of pitch trim, improve roll and slip trim interface
Products Affected:
AV-30-C (UAV-1003429-001, UAV-1003429-002) running firmware 2.1.5 and earlier