AV-30-E Software v2.3.9 implements the following changes:
  • AV-Mag installation procedure auto-detects installation angles if provided by the AV-Mag.
  • AV-Mag calibration no longer requires knowledge of local value of earth’s magnetic field.
  • AV-Mag Yaw adjustment fix.
  • AV-Mag firmware CRC display fix.
  • AV-Mag software part number and version now displayed in install menu
  • Reserve battery storage life improvement.
  • Expand the range of pitch trim to compensate for loss of AI “parallax-like” adjustment in prior software release.
  • Units of Indicated airspeed now visible with the LCD font
  • Density Altitude (DALT) calculation correction
  • Range of True Airspeed (TAS) restricted to 300 kts
  • AHRS clean startup
  • Expanded range overlay data type indices for future use
  • beaconX as GPS on serial 2 initialization fix
  • GPS Track display no longer jumps to 360 when beaconX NIC goes to 0 or when stationary on ground
  • Provision space no longer defaulted on any condition. Must be set deliberately
  • CRC check failure splash screen messages reworded
  • Win simulator now displays mb pressure setting correctly and adjusts altitude accordingly
  • Failed AV-Mag calibration restores the last valid calibration stored in flash
  • Made all PUSH-SET sequences consistent with configuration priorities
  • Fixed VMC/VYSE menu settings overflowing at 255 before reaching the max value of 300 kts
  • Fixed some fractional roll/slip trim values being unavailable for selection
Products Affected:
AV-30-E (UAV-1004035-001 and UAV-1004035-002)  running firmware 2.3.3 and earlier