AV-30-E Software v2.4.1 implements the following changes:
  • Added support for AV-APA (Analog Port Adapter) to provide heading references to S-TEC 20/30/40/50 autopilots
  • Improved attitude indication robustness with incorporation of additional air data (speed assist)
  • Improved transponder interface
    • Reduced button clicks necessary to change squawk
    • Squawk now available as an overlay on all pages, not just transponder control page
  • Added full flight plans to the DG ARC view from both Aviation and NMEA serial formats
  • Added GPS Rose, DG HSI, and DG ARC page options to DG
  • Added Carbon Monoxide display and alert when connected to Sentry through AV-Link
  • Added additional units of measure
    • Kilometers per Hour (kph)
    • Hectopascals (hPA)
  • Added quick swap between local (QNH) and standard (SPS) altimeter settings
  • Added additional AV-MAG installation orientations
  • Increased Density Altitude range below -1000 ft
  • Added align and other flags to DG
  • Added multi-point IAS trim
  • Added third-party EFIS synchronization capability
  • Resolved “NO MAG” indication when aircraft is moving during AV-MAG power up
  • Updated battery level algorithm
  • Demo mode now persists across reboots
  • DG is now adjustable when textual heading is displayed but DG tape is not
  • Upgrade no longer resets ‘GPS NAV SRC’ field
  • Improved attitude tick mark rendering to ensure more even spacing
  • Improved gyro stabilization of GPS track
  • Improved handling of AV-Link GPS dropouts and alerts on traffic display
Products Affected:
AV-30-E (UAV-1004035-001 and UAV-1004035-002)  running firmware 2.3.9 and earlier