Adjusting the threshold value on the echoUAT can improve the performance of the transponder monitor.  uAvionix does not recommend changing the value unless directed to do so by uAvionix.

The threshold value adjusts the sensitivity of the echoUAT transponder monitor.  Higher values reduce sensitivity, lower values increase sensitivity.

To modify the threshold value perform the following steps:

1.  Turn the avionics master on.

2.  Place the Transponder in “ALT” mode.

3.  Connect a mobile device to the echoUAT Wi-Fi.

4.  Open the echo mobile application.

5.  Verify the app shows “Connected to Device”

6.  Tap two fingers simultaneously on the echo logo.

7.  Scroll to the bottom of the app screen and find the Transponder Threshold values.

8.  Lower the Transponder Threshold by 50 points and press Update Advanced.

9.  Switch to the Monitor screen and watch for pressure altitude and squawk.

Please note transponder must be receiving radar interrogations for the fields to populate and this is usually best done while flying.  Most transponders have a reply light or indicator.
Note Mode S does not reply with pressure altitude in a ground state.
10.  When the appropriate threshold has been reached the Squawk and Pressure altitude will display.  Repeat 8 & 9 until ALL fields are showing data
11.  Values lower than 1000 should not be used..
If you are still having difficulty and cannot get a reliable/stable readout please contact