1.  Download the latest software for EchoUAT
    Echo software version: 3.26

    3.26 Released 3/13/2018 
    When echoUAT configuration is set by GRT EFIS use EFIS baro output even when control source is transponder monitor.
    3.23 Released 1/19/2018
    Invalid or undetected baro now displays as "--" instead of "0" in echo mobile application
    3.22 Released 1/1/2018
    Corrects incorrect rendering of negative pressure altitude values in the echo mobile application
  2. Connect your PC to the Echo Wi-Fi
  3. Open a web browser and access the EchoUAT at
  4. If the page loads as below continue to step 5.
    If the page does not match the page shown below please update the Wi-Fi module using the instructions here.

  5. Select the UPDATE link inline with ADS-B Version.
    If the ADS-B version is unknown, update the Wi-Fi software first.

  6. Select Choose File.

  7. Browse to the .UAV file you downloaded in step 1, select the file and click Open.

  8. Click Update.

  9. The bottom left-hand corner should show a progress value.

  10. At the completion of a successful update, the following message will appear while Echo restarts.  If you see a failure message disconnect the SkyFYX GPS and try again.

  11. If you disconnected your SkyFYX during the update please reconnect it and verify all configuration fields using the Echo mobile application.
  12. After updating the echoUAT software we recommend checking to make sure you are running the latest transceiver software, instructions can be found here:
    Update echoUAT Transceiver Software
  13. Please note the versions shown on the page will not update until after the device has been power cycled