We ship 20 NorComp contacts P/N:  170-002-170L002

These contacts/terminals are standard density D-SUB contacts.  Any compliant terminal may be used by the installer.  If the installer is already tooled for constructing D-SUB connectors, their existing tooling and terminals should snap right in.  The 15-pin connector we use is very common.
If the installer does not have the tooling to complete the harness here are some resources:
Installation instructions from the terminal manufacturer:  https://content.norcomp.net/rohspdfs/DSubContacts/HandTool/InstructionSheet-IS-170S.pdf
Suggested Crimpers:
DMC GMT226  This is the manual tool we use for occasional use, we have a machine for higher volume use.
TE 5844-2 (not confirmed)
Extraction Tools:
Again any standard density D-sub terminal extraction tool should work for this purpose but here is the Norcomp tool
NORCOMP 170-901-170-000