uAvionix today announced that Canadian aviators can now legally install and operate safety-enhancing equipment such as the AV-20-S multi-function display through an exemption for Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE) provided by Transport Canada, allowing for a simplified installation and sign-off process on certified aircraft.

In addition to being a fully functional digital clock replacement, the uAvionix AV-20-S adds a suite of in-flight information to nearly any panel. Designed to seamlessly fit in a standard 2 1/4” round instrument opening, the AV-20-S offers a feature-packed 12-in-1 mini display, that contains a Standby Attitude Indicator, derived Angle of Attack (AOA), Timers, Bus Voltage, Slip/Skid Indication, Outside Air Temperature, Density Altitude, G Meter, and more – all protected with a 30-minute internal battery backup for uninterrupted function in the event of power loss.

Among its many safety-enhancing features, AV-20-S offers many customizable audio alerts and can alert you visually and aurally if you approach a dangerous AoA. The derived AoA is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.

The exemption (NCR-024-2022) as published by Transport Canada, allows for the items designated and approved by the FAA Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE), for installation on Canadian-certified aircraft and was published on July 18. A copy can be found here.

In its announcement, Transport Canada writes about the NORSEE exemption “The combination of these efforts is intended to provide better access for Canadian general aviation aircraft owners to a variety of modifications they may wish to incorporate into their aircraft, and that many of these modifications will also promote an increase in safety.” uAvionix applauds the efforts of Transport Canada to bring cost-effective, safety-enhancing NORSEE equipment to new markets.

In Canada, the installation of NORSEE equipment on small aircraft may now be accomplished by a holder of an appropriately rated Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license in accordance with the appropriate relevant technical data under Subpart 571 of the CARs. If the proposed modification is determined to be any other than a major modification, the AME may accomplish the modification using an appropriate set of “acceptable data”, such as the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions.

AV-20-S is in stock at Oshkosh (Booth 3081), available online and through all uAvionix resellers in Canada.

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