Become a Test Pilot

for tailBeaconX

Goals of the Program

uAvionix is recruiting Beta testers for the tailBeaconX – a Mode S ES ADS-B OUT transponder integrated with WAAS GPS into an LED rear position light. tailBeaconX is similar to the popular 978MHz UAT tailBeacon product, which is applicable only in the United States. tailBeaconX is optimized for surveillance by space-based ADS-B surveillance (Aireon and others) and is intended to meet or exceed surveillance performance of transponders with antenna diversity at significantly less cost and installation effort.

In order to achieve these objectives, uAvionix is seeking to acquire 100+ flights geographically dispersed across Canada by March 1, 2020, as well as a smaller number of flights within Caribbean airspace. uAvionix is recruiting Beta testers to achieve this data collection. This data will be shared and analyzed by NAV CANADA and FAA at a minimum.

While we are calling this a Beta test program, the tailBeaconX may be commercially available at the beginning of the program or become commercially available during the program. The reason for this is that the primary purpose of the program itself is to evaluate the performance when tracked by Aireon, rather than product evaluation itself. We appreciate any feedback on any aspect of the product, documentation, performance, or otherwise.

Who is Eligible?

tailBeaconX does not yet have FAA or Canada TSO or STC approvals, so only non-type certificated VFR aircraft are eligible for this program. While the goal of this program is to collect flights in Canada and the Caribbean, it is legal to fly tailBeaconX on non-type certificated aircraft in the United States currently and after the FAA Jan 1, 2020 ADS-B deadline.

Upping Your Odds
There are three ways to improve your chances of being selected for the program.

1. Provide Great Information
We use the information in your profile to make selection decisions. Therefore, the more information you provide about yourself and the products you own, the greater the chance you have of matching our requirements. A photograph of your existing rear position taillight is required.

2. Act Fast
Beta testing is generally a rapid process accomplished in a very short time period. You’ll improve your odds of being selected if you respond quickly to any initial invitations that you receive. These invitations are only open for a short time and the data they collect is used in the final selection of all participants.

3. Be a Great Tester
By participating consistently and providing high-quality feedback, you greatly increase your chances of being selected for future tests, as previous participation is considered when we select testers.