Draganfly is the first Canadian company to receive permission for low power ADS-B Transceiver testing.


Saskatoon SK, and Venice, CA – Draganfly Innovations Inc. continues to lead the UAS industry by receiving permission to test an integrated command-and-control system that utilizes automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) avionics with their UAV. Draganfly is the first UAV manufacturer in Canada to receive this approval and will be testing in both Class G and Class D airspace with approval from governing authorities.

ADS-B is a surveillance technology that allows aircraft to determine positioning via satellite navigation, and simultaneously broadcasting that same position, enabling them to be tracked. This information can be received by air traffic control ground stations, similar to RADAR technology that’s in use today. ADS-B addresses safety concerns relating to UAVs sharing airspace with traditional aircraft. The system is capable of real-time traffic and weather updates in 3D trajectories and can be customized based on specific missions and applications.

Ultimately this is a major step in incorporating sense and avoid capabilities, and will provide UAVs with the ability to detect and avoid manned and other unmanned aircraft. This will also move the technology closer to a place where UAVs have the ability to safely operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Draganfly is working with partners at uAvionix to incorporate their 1/2W Ping transceivers onto the Draganflyer Commander platform, and are excited to be involved in testing this leading edge technology.

“We are excited to be working with the team at uAvionix and test ADS-B on our platforms,” said Zenon Dragan, President of Draganfly, “We expect that all UAVs will require an ADS-B transceiver in the future and we’re pleased to be the first in Canada to test it out.”

“It has been a long road for us” Jeff Walker, uAvionix CTO, commented, and added “We have had to constantly innovate around the regulations to bring this technology to market. Thanks to the Draganfly team’s tireless efforts, a turning point in drone-aviation safety can be finally realized.”

About Draganfly Innovations Inc.
Draganfly Innovations Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Trace Intelligent Systems, is a recognized technology and industry leader within the commercial UAV industry. Its devices have helped establish the commercial market and adoption of multi-rotor helicopters for aerial imaging and public safety.
Further information on Draganfly Innovations can be found at www.draganfly.com

About uAvionix
uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable family of ADS-B transponders, receivers and navigation tools. uAvionix’s Ping network system combines hardware, software, and real time airspace mapping to enable safe operation of and collision avoidance for manned and unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System. Founded in 2015, Palo Alto based uAvionix has gathered a cross-disciplinary team of experts in embedded RF engineering, aviation, sUAS operations and compliance, hardware, software, and cloud services.