The AV-30 provides an RS-232 receive line for “aviation” or “moving map” output provided by virtually every panel mount GPS navigator in service. This data is broadcast by the GPS navigator and no data is sent from the AV-30 back to the GPS unit. NMEA is also supported, which is output by most hand-held GPS units. NMEA protocol supports baud rate speed of 4800 and 9600, while “Aviation/moving map” protocol is fixed at a 9600 baud rate.

When connected to an external GPS navigator or hand-held, AV-30 operates as a repeater display. The data provided includes current waypoint ID, distance to destination, ground speed, cross-track error, desired track, and bearing to waypoint.

This data can be overlayed in the textual fields as desired and is used to create the compass rose (GPS Track), moving map display (ARC Mode), and create the GPS HSI presentation when the AV-30 is operating as a DG instrument. When operating as an attitude indicator, it can drive the direction tape and provides a bearing-to indicator.

The AV-30-E now supports vertical navigation display with a connected AV-HSI. This feature will be available for the AV-30-C upon FAA approval.