Does the Probeless AoA behave exactly like the probed system?

Yes and no. During the majority of flight conditions, they are equivalent. However, during conditions where the aircraft is moving through a mass of air that has a vertical component, the behavior is slightly different. As vertical updrafts are rarely of concern, the scenario to look at is the downdraft during final approach. In this [...]

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How is “Probeless”Angle of Attack Determined?

Angle of attack is determined by comparing aircraft pitch to the actual flight path angle through the air. This is equivalent to the angle at which the wing is intercepting the body of air surrounding the aircraft - exactly the same as a probe based AoA system. Pitch is determined by a precision internal AHRS, [...]

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Can the AV-30 replace my mechanical AI / Direction Indicator / Turn Coordinator?

We are asking for approval to utilize the AV-30 as a stand-alone attitude indicator, attitude indicator and directional gyro (dual unit installation), installation as a replacement for the turn coordinator (leaving the existing attitude indicator in place), and as the required backup in an EFIS installation. If the installation configuration leaves no instruments that require [...]

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Does the AV-30 support a magnetometer?

By default, the AV-30 is a non-slaved DG. The good news it that this reduces installation complexity dramatically (no GPS antennas required, no remote mount magnetometers, no field mapping, no calibration). Power and ground are the only required connections when the unit is installed as a DG. The bad news is that it operates the [...]

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What level of GPS integration is supported?

The AV-30 provides an RS-232 receive line for “aviation” or “moving map” output provided by virtually every panel mount GPS navigator in service. This data is broadcast by the GPS navigator and no data is sent from the AV-30 back to the GPS unit. NMEA is also supported, which is output by most hand-held GPS [...]

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Which aircraft will be on the AML?

We are currently collecting inputs on which aircraft to include in the initial AML, and will continue to grow the list after the initial STC.  If you would like your aircraft to be considered, please let us know your make and model here.

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Will the initial STC have autopilot compatibility?

No, the initial STC will not have autopilot capability. Autopilot integration will be accomplished in a phased approach. The initial autopilot support will be for STEC systems (which have their own roll/pitch source) and allow the heading bug on the AV-30 to drive the heading datum input on the autopilot. This interface will be accomplished [...]

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When will the AV-30 be certified?

The AV-30-C is undergoing certification via the AMOC AML-STC process. This is a new risk-based certification methodology that is being supported for Part 23 Class I and Class II Aircraft. We expect to complete this certification in early Q3, 2020.

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