By default, the AV-30 is a non-slaved DG. The good news it that this reduces installation complexity dramatically (no GPS antennas required, no remote mount magnetometers, no field mapping, no calibration).

Power and ground are the only required connections when the unit is installed as a DG.

The bad news is that it operates the same as a non-slaved DG. On power up, a minor heading adjustment will be required. (last known heading is saved). During flight, it will require minor corrections.

When interfaced to a GPS Navigator, the DG can optionally operate in Track mode and no corrections will be required. For day-to-day-operations, GPS track mode is generally preferred over heading.

Occasionally when actual magnetic heading is required (ATC clearances in large cross-wind environments), the non-slaved DG is available, or simply use your wet compass for those operations.

The system hardware is architected to support a remote magnetometer in the future.