What’s “In the Box”

Included is the AV-20-S (with internal backup battery), two 1/4" quick connect fittings, mounting screws, and wire harness.  The harness has all interconnect pins pre-loaded with individually labeled wires. OAT probe is NOT included and must be purchased separately.  The AV-20-S is compatible with the industry standard Davtron Analog probe, available through common component suppliers. [...]

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Does the Probeless AoA behave exactly like the probed system?

Yes and no. During the majority of flight conditions, they are equivalent. However, during conditions where the aircraft is moving through a mass of air that has a vertical component, the behavior is slightly different. As vertical updrafts are rarely of concern, the scenario to look at is the downdraft during final approach. In this [...]

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How is “Probeless” Angle Of Attack Determined?

Angle of attack is determined by comparing aircraft pitch to the actual flight path angle through the air. This is equivalent to the angle at which the wing is intercepting the body of air surrounding the aircraft - exactly the same as a probe based AoA system. Pitch is determined by a precision internal AHRS, [...]

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