Will tailBeaconX work with my existing transponder?

tailBeaconX is a replacement for your existing transponder.  tailBeaconX meets the requirements for use in all Mode A/C/S transponder required airspace as well as airspace requiring ADS-B Out.  If you are looking for a retrofit solution to work alongside your existing transponder you might be interested in the original tailBeacon.  Note tailBeacon approval is limited [...]


What does the installation look like?

Although a little more involved than a standard tailBeacon, the tailBeaconX installation is still much simpler than comparable equipment. The tailBeaconX replaces the rear position light on the tail of the aircraft using the existing power and ground wires. The tailBeaconX does require a serial connection to a control head on the panel of the [...]


What can I use as a control head?

For certified aircraft, uAvionix offers the AV-30-C (3-inch EFIS) as a control head option. For experimental aircraft, the uAvionix AV-20-E (2-inch MFD) or AV-30-E (3-inch EFIS) may be used. Other 3rd-party EFIS units that support transponder control functionality may also be used with tailBeaconX.